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Art classes for various ages, taught outdoors in University Hills

by your neighbor, Teacher Margo!


Students will develop their drawing skills by observing the surrounding environment at different scales. We will use a microscope to explore the details!


Class will begin with a short drawing lesson and artists will learn to lay out a composition. We will practice oil pastel techniques to apply to our compositions.


Celebrate your special event with a personalized art class. Bond with your friends and family while creating your very own masterpiece!

What parents are saying about the Uhills Art Academy 

My child had a wonderful experience and loved exploring different mediums and creating work in the class...It's so helpful to have the classes located in our community and for the class to bring together different kids from university hills, as well. Would enthusiastically recommend it!

Margo is very patient with the children and encourages them to experiment. I noticed a clear improvement in my daughter's drawing after beginning her art classes.

Absolutely wonderful (class) and would definitely recommend! Aadya had a wonderful time making art, enjoyed being part of the group, and loved Teacher Margo! Aadya also liked that they give the students options to pick from while creating art. For a creative kid, being able to learn while also being able to express their creativity is so important. It's so great that Teacher Margo embodies that approach in their classes.

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