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Margo Alleman finds the most joy in exploring the natural world through artistic forms of expression. They have a BS in Architecture and a minor in Fine Art, and they are currently living and creating work in southern California.

As a queer trans artist, my work is deeply intertwined with my lived experience, exploring themes of identity, alienation, resilience, and transformation. The isolation I experience within society finds solace and healing through a profound connection with nature, where I find a sense of belonging amongst the vastness of the natural world. In my work, I strive to blur the lines between the organic contours of the landscape and the fluidity of the human figure. My paintings inhabit a liminal space where evocative rock textures intersect with ambiguous suggestive forms. Subtle curves and contours emerge from the landscape, composing rocky terrains where all kinds of anatomy can be found. Trans bodies have always been here, just as the geologic formations have been for millions of years. I strive to evoke a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, inviting viewers to connect with the inherent humanity of these stone figures.  In a world that often seeks to confine individuals to rigid categories and binaries, my work serves as a form of resistance and affirmation, asserting the presence of trans bodies in a world that often seeks to erase them.


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